DAY 8 “This too shall pass”

A little bit of honesty here; I didn’t find last week that easy – in fact, I felt pretty revolting for much of it!

Firstly, I was caught off guard by the intensity of my emotions, for example, I had a perfectly normal conversation about skiing and the mountains when all of a sudden I burst into tears with an intense longing to be back there – I couldn’t believe what was happening! I wasn’t upset as such, just overwhelmed by how much I missed the mountains – something I have forced myself to stop thinking about while living in London.

The physical symptoms were reasonably intense as well! Nausea that came and went, a headache that lasted much of the week – constant and dull, tiredness with a background craving to pick up something in order to give me that instant lift, constant low level irritability as well as a few nights of very light sleep. Nothing I couldn’t cope with, but non-the less a little surprising if I am honest – I had myself pinned as a very healthy sugar consumer!

Monday morning and day 8 has seen me feeling calmer, fresher and with less food cravings in general – so this is a short little post to say that it does pass and with it comes many insights. My favourite phrase; “This too shall pass” is spot on – it all does pass, and then you grow, and learn, and remarkably don’t need sugar or comfort food to numb the raw emotions or as a companion to ride those waves of longing, both physical and emotional…
In the wider picture this is a small example of how if we ride out those sticky moments we do indeed reach the other side to sunnier shores where clarity lies – so don’t give up, keep going it does get easier… And with every tough wave we ride through it can be in the knowledge that the next will be that little easier!