Letting go…

In the ancient tradition of Chinese Medicine, Autumn is the time of the Metal Element, correlating to the Colon and the Lungs. Metal is the element of Grief and reflects the ability and ease with which we are able to let go of that which no longer serves us, while creating space for inspiration to flood us with each new breath.

Autumn is drawing to a close bringing us closer and closer to winter, the Water Element, so it is important to embrace the final weeks of this season as it is now we can consciously let go of old patterns/ideas/thoughts/attachments and create space to nurture during the winter creating space for real creation come the spring… We are in effect sowing the seeds now, in clean soil for all we want to create come spring.

We hold on to so much mentally; old ideas, old behavior patterns, grudges and beliefs – our reluctancy to let go makes us literally, mentally constipated (let alone the other type of constipation!). As we know what we think tends to come to physical fruition and I have no difficulty believing this – our unwillingness to let go of attachment on a physical level is causing our bodies to become clogged up and stagnant as well as our minds.

By accepting life as it is, and bringing in the basic tenants of mindfulness into our lives we become more capable of releasing old, rigid ideas that can hinder our growth and development in all areas and consequently more able to see and receive new ideas and inspiration!

I invite you to look at the areas of your life where you are clinging on too tightly creating stagnation; an old resentment, a regime that no longer serves you, an idea of how you ‘should’ be/do things etc and see what it feels like if you let it go.

Move into the deep stillness of the Winter clearer and with less attachment minimizing stagnation over the coming months when everything slows down, the temperature drops and we move into a more reflective time of year…