Myths and Stories…

Washing at dawn:

Rinse away dreams. 

Protect the gods within,

And clarify the inner spirit.”

365 Tao: Daily Meditations

For me the beauty of so much of the Taoist writings and wisdom is in their poetry and ability to transport us from the mundane into the magical and more meaningful.

We wash in the morning, to wash away not only the illusion of our nocturnal dreams, but the illusion of our life – not that our life is an illusion, rather, our interpretation of life is an illusion as it is tainted by our personal views and interpretations which is not the truth.  We can’t see clearly if not conscious of our bias developed throughout life…

It is believed that there are 36,000 gods and goddesses that reside in the body, and we protect them by treating ourselves well.  If we start to eat too much junk, stop exercising, become too stressed, drink too much etc then these gods and goddesses will choose to leave us in disgust!  I love this notion… However, the end goal is also to let them go as we merge with the One Universe…

This interpretation of a morning ritual inspires me, makes me smile and will certainly spur me on to simply say my prayers in the shower if that is all I have time for!!