DAY 4: Resistance from others…

Meeting resistance from others

I have read about this and do kind of remember it happening when I stopped drinking, but doing this challenge is really bringing it up and sometimes where I would least expect it.

Why do people get so irritated by what others choose to do? Why do we feel we should control and tell others what to do and how to act? Why can’t we just let people be as they are?

Saying no to sugar in public has raised a few eyebrows (and a few heckles!) which has made me feel a little uncomfortable and I would be lying if it doesn’t make me question whether I am being ‘over the top’ and ‘obsessive’.

As if by magic while this was coming up for me an email from TheDailyLove and smiled – I couldn’t have put it better: “How to stand up to resistance without being a Jerk” says it all really! Thanks Mastin.

So take inspiration – if you are doing something from your Heart then follow it and stand up for it – any resistance tends to come from making others uncomfortable about whats going on for them and any advice they do give you is usually well meaning… But gently stand up for your own Heart in the face of any external resistance – thats what I plan on doing when lovingly baked chocolate pudding is presented to me at friends houses!