“Make the crooked straight.

Make the straight to flow.

Gather water, fire and light.

Bring the world to a single point


Reading the interpretation of this Taoist quote was so timely this morning.  Making the crooked straight is done simply by devotion to our spiritual path, it is simply our determination that will make the impossilbe as boundaries melt away and our path becomes straight with flow.  This single focused determination is what brings the world to a single point when we unite all our inner elements.  When we are unified then we can focus on the single point meaning there is no distinction between the inner and outer worlds – nothing is far away and nothing is not open to us.  With strong devotion nothing is beyond us and our world becomes limitless… I say timely as I believe this is the essence of spring.  It is always remarkable to me that year in, year out, these tiny buds start to sprout despite rocks, hard earth, and inclement weather, they grow with a graceful single pointed focus despite larger objects around them…  It is all possible and never in the year is it better to tap into that directional grown than now with the support of nature all around us.