I know we all deserve to feel well and that, with a little “re-tuning”, it really is possible!  Acupuncture gives us a way of rebalancing at a time when it’s so easy to lose our way. This is especially true if living in a city where we can become disconnected from the cycles of nature which are so important for us to listen to. My treatments offer you the opportunity to live beyond pain, beyond constant exhaustion and step into a feeling of vitality and lightness that can be truly life changing.


We all know instinctively when we are ‘well’. We are contented and calm;, life has a purpose, we have energy and feel connect with the world – how its meant to be!  Much of our wellbeing is simply a question of looking at our lifestyle and adjusting where necessary in order to bring back that energy, purpose and contentment. Working holistically with Acupuncture, Bodywork (including massage), Nutritional advice, Meditation and Exercise can all help us to rebalance and reset our personal compass.


Touch – it’s the most essential and primal form of healing. It helps with sports injuries, physical pain, even mental unrest, and is one of the best ways to combat stress. My Bodywork is a unique combination of massage, cranio-sacral therapy and breathwork, all shaped around your own personal needs and situation. If you are ready to start living with, even thriving on, the stresses of modern life, this is the place to start your journey.


My passion for acupuncture and wellbeing was born from personal experience as both a patient and then a practitioner.

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"It is more important to know what kind of person has a disease than to know what kind of disease a person has."


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“Make the crooked straight.

Make the straight to flow.

Gather water, fire and light.

Bring the world to a single point


Reading the interpretation of this Taoist quote was so timely this morning.  Making the crooked straight is done simply by devotion to our spiritual path, it is simply our determination that will make the impossilbe as boundaries melt away and our path becomes straight with flow.  This single focused determination is what brings the world to a single point when we unite all our inner elements.  When we are unified then we can focus on the single point meaning there is no distinction between the inner and outer worlds – nothing is far away and nothing is not open to us.  With strong devotion nothing is beyond us and our world becomes limitless… I say timely as I believe this is the essence of spring.  It is always remarkable to me that year in, year out, these tiny buds start to sprout despite rocks, hard earth, and inclement weather, they grow with a graceful single pointed focus despite larger objects around them…  It is all possible and never in the year is it better to tap into that directional grown than now with the support of nature all around us.


Myths and Stories…

Washing at dawn:

Rinse away dreams. 

Protect the gods within,

And clarify the inner spirit.”

365 Tao: Daily Meditations

For me the beauty of so much of the Taoist writings and wisdom is in their poetry and ability to transport us from the mundane into the magical and more meaningful.

We wash in the morning, to wash away not only the illusion of our nocturnal dreams, but the illusion of our life – not that our life is an illusion, rather, our interpretation of life is an illusion as it is tainted by our personal views and interpretations which is not the truth.  We can’t see clearly if not conscious of our bias developed throughout life…

It is believed that there are 36,000 gods and goddesses that reside in the body, and we protect them by treating ourselves well.  If we start to eat too much junk, stop exercising, become too stressed, drink too much etc then these gods and goddesses will choose to leave us in disgust!  I love this notion… However, the end goal is also to let them go as we merge with the One Universe…

This interpretation of a morning ritual inspires me, makes me smile and will certainly spur me on to simply say my prayers in the shower if that is all I have time for!!



The Beginning

This is the moment of embarking.                                                                                                                                All auspicious signs are in place.”

Way of the Tao; Daily Meditations.

I have worked with patients and in what is now known as the ‘Wellbeing Industry’ for nearly 16 years;  I started studying when I was 24 and although my life has taken many twists and turns I remin as passionate as ever about all I learn and want to teach.  Yet this week I feel at the beginning again… I feel that wonderful feeling of embarking on an adventure, full of hope and optimism, emboldened by the newness of today…  I love that about life, we can have so much experience, years, learning and hours behind us yet we can always feel the intoxication of the beginning and the various signs that are directing us.

As I juggle working with patients with being a mother I am learning how to fit in all the things I took for granted before becoming a mother.  In this sense I am at the beginning again, yet filled with hope and filled with excitement for the new journey ahead as I work out the basics of time management with so many new variables!

Yet I have found time and time again that once I commit to making a decision to begin again I am always gently encouraged by the Universe giving me signs and directing me where to go.  This is how I come to begin on my doTerra adventure.  Finally bringing the consciousness of nature to support us in our lives, giving us back control of our health.


Way of the Tao…


As we all try to negotiate the hussle of modern life, I know personally there has always been a little voice in my heart asking why, what is beneath and around all this striving and playing the game?  I can’t help feeling that what we are searching for is ourselves and a spiritual path that makes sense to our deepest cells of intuition.

In direct opposition to our modern culture where we look outward for validation and guidance and we care for our appearance in order to be accepted, in Taoism the exact opposite is true.  We look inside ourselves and we strive for a greater understanding of ourselves in order to understand the world and our place in it; the outer world is only known in relation to our inner point of view.

Self cultivation is the basis for knowing the Tao… Acupuncture, and the healing it enables, is a perfect place to begin this journey.  It is only by being in harmony with ourselves that our body can heal itself, which this is the basis of acupuncture.  The needles connect to our spirit opening up pathways to access our own well of understanding, knowing and healing.  When we truly connected to our spirit we are truly connected to the Tao…

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