The Beginning

This is the moment of embarking.                                                                                                                                All auspicious signs are in place.”

Way of the Tao; Daily Meditations.

I have worked with patients and in what is now known as the ‘Wellbeing Industry’ for nearly 16 years;  I started studying when I was 24 and although my life has taken many twists and turns I remin as passionate as ever about all I learn and want to teach.  Yet this week I feel at the beginning again… I feel that wonderful feeling of embarking on an adventure, full of hope and optimism, emboldened by the newness of today…  I love that about life, we can have so much experience, years, learning and hours behind us yet we can always feel the intoxication of the beginning and the various signs that are directing us.

As I juggle working with patients with being a mother I am learning how to fit in all the things I took for granted before becoming a mother.  In this sense I am at the beginning again, yet filled with hope and filled with excitement for the new journey ahead as I work out the basics of time management with so many new variables!

Yet I have found time and time again that once I commit to making a decision to begin again I am always gently encouraged by the Universe giving me signs and directing me where to go.  This is how I come to begin on my doTerra adventure.  Finally bringing the consciousness of nature to support us in our lives, giving us back control of our health.