Keep dreaming & save our Kidneys from our Smart Phones!

In Chinese Medicine our Kidneys are the powerhouses of our system and their proper functioning is fundamental to our overall wellbeing. During the winter they can take a bit of a battering from the cold and over stretching ourselves during this supposedly peaceful hibernation season. The winter is traditionally a time to hunker down, eat less, meditate, reflect on what is going on in our lives and restore our bodies in preparation for the rebirth of the spring.

However, as we all know, today living mostly in cities, leading work driven lives with numerous responsibilities and pressures from all sides; friends, family, work, this is nearly impossible. We don’t have a culture of changing our lives in order to live more appropriately within the demands of a season – in the Winter our jobs still start and finish at the same time as the rest of the year and we might cut our social life down a little but in the main we tend to live a consistently busy life and all this can strain our kidneys leading to tiredness, thinning hair and nails, lack of drive and motivation and even mild depression

Apart from these obvious drains on our Kidneys we have another new robber of kidney energy; social media and smart phones.  While this obsession might seem quite innocent on the surface it is draining our kidneys with every adrenaline hit a post or a like, email, text, whats app message etc gives us.  Not only does this act as a constant drain on our Kidney energy in the form of overstimulation it also denies us any moments of peace to stare out the window and daydream accessing our deep innate wisdom that resides in our Kidneys.  We need that to nourish our spirit and have ideas and dreams that we can covert to reality in the Spring!

With this in mind here are a few tips as we near the end of the winter to boost your kidneys so you have enough energy to jump into Spring and start giving birth to all those projects you have been dreaming of during the winter!


  • Cut your social media use to specific times in the morning and evening so as to avoid mindless browsing
  • Keep your phone in your pocket when on the bus using the time to daydream looking out the window – give your brain a rest!
  • Eat warm foods; soups, stews and cut out ice and cold raw foods
  • Make some black sesame tea – recipe here
  • Look to include red and blue foods; blueberries, blackberries, beetroot etc