Kidney Supporting Black Sesame Tea

As my all patients know because I don’t stop banging on about it, the health of our kidneys is incredibly important for our overall wellbeing. They give us the motivation and stamina to keep going when times are tough, they give us the will to finish projects, keep on the path and not give in to external pressures and most importantly they are essential for healthy fertility; for the boys and the girls.

There are many things that are good for the Kindneys health which you can read here, but a simply way to boost them is by drinking Black Sesame Tea:

  • 1 cup black sesame seeds
  • 2 soft dates – pitted
  • 3 cups water
1 cup homemade almond milk or almond-sesame milk (see recipe below)

1. Boil the sesame seeds and dates in some water for 30 minutes

2. Add some homemade almond milk and continue to boil

3. Optional you can strain the liquid removing the sesame seeds and dates or you can whizz them all up together to make a thicker, frothy drink

4. Add honey to taste if the dates aren’t sweet enough for you