Welcome back…me!

I have been off line for a while.  I went through a few life changing events; marriage, baby, moving out of the city and somehow I needed all my energy focused towards my life and my patients, anything else was relegated, such as my blog and social media activity.

I found it a challenge to disapear from the hussle and bustle of online life, and it challenged my ‘fomo’ hugely.  It challenged me to focus on what mattered for my personal growth and building up my sense of self worth without the affirmation of ‘likes’ and comments that can lift you on social media.  I feared being left behind while I saw so many other mothers continuing life online posting pics of their happy families, while keeping their toe in the ‘working’ world, however, I knew I needed silence and peace in order to grow and learn from this time.

18 months on and I am so happy now to be back seeing my patients and starting to treat children having finished my Paediatrics Acupuncture.  What better time to come back to life than at the beginning of spring!?