DAY 1 of the 8 Week Sugar Free Challenge!

A renewed dedication to practicing as I preach!

I read a slew of inspiring stories of how people changed their lives radically and reached pinnacles of health, and thought how wonderful it was for them, but I didn’t need all these challenges as I am an average weight, eat ‘healthily’ and didn’t want to be too ‘extreme’ and appear obsessive… So apart from not eating gluten as I was diagnosed as seriously intolerant when I was young I thought I was ok on the sugar front as I didn’t eat much of it…did I?! This is where I read the ‘I Quit Sugar’ blog by Sarah Wilson and looked at how she got into changing her life.

I feel that I am in a strange position; I work, and have worked in the health industry for 12-14 years and I am generally very healthy… however, I have been noticing of late a few things that shouldn’t really be happening at 36; achy knees and wrists – to the extent that it hurts to walk downstairs – these left me when I went on a juice cleanse this summer (go figure!) and on a hormonal level I have had serious issues since my early twenties.

As I said in a previous blog post, I was freaked out when I realized quite how much ‘healthy sugar’ I was putting away – 40g a day was a conservative estimate. This really propelled me into a renewed dedication to practicing as I preach. Its all very well knowing about the devastating effects sugar has on our health but what’s the point of that knowledge when I don’t put it into practice and effectively think that I am ‘different’ somehow just because I am not about to fall off my perch!

Time to change and start practicing what I preach – here is to Day 1 and buckets of enthusiasm!!