Is HOW we eat is just as important as WHAT we eat?

We are bombarded by messages in this world: “Don’t eat sugar, don’t eat soy, steer clear of gluten and dairy at all costs, do drink green juice, go vegan…oh no go paelo, don’t eat fat, oh actually eat LOADS of fat; why not just survive on nuts, avocado and kale… don’t touch caffeine, oh actually do drink caffeine, but only in the guise of an exhaustively expensive matcha latte made with an unsweetened nut milk… the list goes on and on and can be incredibly confusing, not to mention punishing and simply unloving if not done from a place of real love for yourself.

These new guidelines are not without wisdom; sugar and processed food is killing us – literally – however, I would like to look at how we approach this new way of looking at diet. Why do we eat? We eat in order to nourish ourselves, and if you want to take it a step further, to change our vibration making us happier, more vibrant, more deeply in touch with the passing seasons and all the wisdom they hold and as an act of love for ourselves.

The emotional body and mind we bring to the table is just as important as the physical body we bring to the table and what’s actually on the table (within reason!). If we constantly look at food in terms of being ‘good’ and ‘bad’ that creates huge amount of stress within us – in Chinese Medicine how you eat; in a hurry, while anxious, in a state of stress etc, is an actual ‘cause of disease’.

Its worth pausing on that last sentence – how we eat can be a cause of disease…

Its huge… When we are deciding what to eat we have to make sure that the decision process in itself isn’t negating the amazing healing potential of the food we are eating as stress within causes our whole digestion process to shut down.

Make sure your choices really do come from a place of wanting to nourish and love yourself, be calm when you eat – and if you do decide to pick up that ‘treat’ enjoy every mouthful of it and feel it nourishing you – emotionally or/and physically.

Be calm and breath… then shine and spread the gooood vibes by just being you!