Mindful Living

Mindfulness in daily life

As a fundamental part of my treatment, I will introduce you to the power of breathing and its capacity to bring back to the present moment.  Connecting to our breath can play a key role in enabling us to “check-in” with our bodies and recognise how we are feeling.  This can be achieved with as few as 3-4 breaths in a day, building up the habit of this very important meditative technique.

Stress is initiated by thought, however subconscious, and creating this new habit of pausing for a few moments in the day can help draw us away from the stress and distance ourselves from the stress-inducing thought.  Together these can return us to a place of peace – an inner-peace that always resides in us, however far from it we feel at times.  And the more peaceful we become, the more conscious we are that the answers most often lie within us rather than outside.  These pauses – a momentary surveying of the scene – also help to remind us that we always have a choice in how we react to events; we don’t always have to fly off the handle, we can pause, breath and react more rationally.